• KSZJ portable screw air compressor is a screw compressor for well drilling. Especially suitable for use with geothermal water well drilling rigs and oil and gas field drilling operations

  • Applications
    KSZJ portable screw air compressor is a screw compressor for well drilling.

    Product Introduction
    1. The Sky2 patented screw host is designed according to the maximum pressure of 40bar. Rotor profile: patented rotor profile, higher efficiency, two-stage compression: flexible design corresponding to the poppet valve, heavy design, SKF Bearing, direct drive, excellent structure without gear noise, higher reliability, dual working condition switching design: if the user can choose to work under 33m3 and 25bar working conditions, It can also be operated under the working conditions of 26 cubic meters and 35 bar, and the switching between them is convenient and fast.

    2. The heavy-duty special diesel engine is equipped with Yuchai, Cummins and other heavy-duty special diesel engines. Achieve better combustion state in the whole process of engine operation. The product has higher reliability, stronger power and better fuel economy.

    3. The North American R & D center of efficient cooling system updates the results to ensure that the compressor is always in the best operation state. Independent oil, water and air coolers are designed with large-diameter fans to adapt to severe cold and hot weather.

    4. Triple air filtration system.

    Advantage of KSZJ Portable Screw Air Compressor
    1. The air volume control system is simple and reliable. According to the air volume, the air intake can be automatically adjusted from 0 to 100%, and the diesel engine throttle can be adjusted automatically to save the diesel to the maximum.

    2. Microcomputer intelligent monitoring air compressor exhaust pressure, exhaust temperature, diesel engine speed, oil pressure, water temperature, oil tank level and other operating parameters, with automatic alarm and stop protection function.

    3. Multi-stage air filter, suitable for dust working environment; Multi-stage fuel filter, suitable for domestic oil quality status; Super large oil-water cooler, suitable for high temperature and plateau environment.

    4. Spacious maintenance repair door, maintenance of spare parts are within accessible range, the maintenance of air filter, oil filter, fuel tank, battery and oil cooler is convenient and easy, reduce the downtime.

    5. Easy to move, can still move in harsh terrain conditions.
    Model Air capacity Working pressure Diesel engine Weight Size Remark
    m³/min cfm Mpa Psig kgs (L*W*H)mm
    KSZJ-15/14.5 15 530 1.5 210 Cummins 6CTA8.3-C260,192kw/180HP 2500 3000*1520*1800 Stationary
    KSZJ-18/17 18 636 1.7 247 YuChai YC6M260L-K20,192kw/260HP 3200 3000*1800*2000 Stationary
    KSZJ-18/17A 18 636 1.7 247 YuChai YC6M162,162kw/220HP 3200 3000*1800*2000 Stationary
    KSZJ-29/23 29 1024 2.3 334 YuChai YC6M395L-K20,290kw/395HP 4800 3500*1950*2030 Stationary
    KSZJ-29/23-32/17 29 1024 2.3 334 YuChai YC6M395L-K20,290kw/395HP 4800 3500*1950*2030 Stationary
    KSZJ-31/25-34/17 31 1095 2.5 363 YuChai YC6K500L,404kw/550HP 4800 3500*2100*2200 Stationary
    LGZJ-31/25-35/18 31 1095 2.5 363 YuChai 294kw/400HP 4800 3500*2100*2200 Stationary
    LGZJ-37/25-41/17 37 1332 2.5 363 YuChai 411kw/560HP 6200 4250*2100*2500 Stationary
    LGZJ-36/30-41/20 36 1296 3 435 YuChai 411kw/560HP 6200 4250*2100*2500 Stationary
    LGZJ-36/30-41/20K 36 1296 3 435 Cummins 404kw/550HP 6600 4250*2100*2500 Stationary

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